Here are a few posts you can share on your social media accounts:

Let’s connect to our future with the broadband network made for us. Join me at #broadband #fiber #katahdin 

Do you want a new #fiber #broadband network made just for Katahdin? Let’s connect to our reliable, high-speed future. Learn more & join the movement at #fiber #katahdin  

We deserve access to information and opportunity. Support our future and our vitality. Join the movement at #katahdin #broadband #fiber 

Let’s build a new broadband network made for Katahdin. Let’s connect to the opportunities we deserve. Learn more & join the movement at #katahdin #broadband #fiber 

Here are some images you can use to accompany your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else you want to share them! Right click on the image and then select the "save image as" option to save them to your computer.

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